Friday, March 23, 2012

Reason Rally - Bad Religion Sound Check

I was able to go down to the National Mall today and check out the set up for tomorrow's Reason Rally, and I got to see Bad Religion, who will be performing tomorrow, do a sound check (video below).  I've never really listened to them, but they sounded really good.

This is the peak week for the DC cherry blossoms, so there were a ton of tourists on the Mall milling and quite a few stopped by to see what the music was for.  It was really quite interesting to hear people's reaction when they saw the big Reason Rally logo along with its sponsors, American Atheists, Richard Dawkins Foundation for Science & Reason, Freedom from Religion Foundation, et al.

Here are a couple:

Middle aged woman upon seeing the logo for the Freedom From Religion Foundation:
<Breathlessly> Oh that's just horrible! Let's go.
Middle aged man to his teenage daughter while enjoying the music:
Well, I suppose the atheists have just as much a right to be here as anyone else.
A portly fellow probably in his 30s:
Huh, I always thought it [atheism] was just for a bunch of fat white guys sitting in their basements ranting on the internet.
Older man and his wife walking by, but then he notices the sign with Richard Dawkins' name:
Man - No shit, its Richard Dawkins!
 Woman - Who??
Man - You know, Richard Dawkins, the evlolutionist... oh man
Woman - What? You know him??
Man - Are you shittin me!?  Of course I do!
Woman - Yea right; do you send each other christmas cards or something??
Man - Yup and I've been hiding them from you...

Here's a clip of the Bad Religion sound check (audio isn't great, but you can still appreciate the music).

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