Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Fuck Poor People!" and Welcome to My Blog

How's that for a first post title? I've thought about starting a blog for a while to discuss religion, atheism, politics, science, and anything else I happen to find interesting at the time. And there have been a number of times where I would like to be able to write my thoughts out rather than putting up a post of Facebook. So here I am.

But you're probably wondering about the title of this post - Does he really hate poor people that much? Well, no. However, as I was thinking of urls for my new blog, I thought that would be a rather ironic one and typed it into my browser. Much to my initial surprise, I got redirected to this:
Prosperity: not for the poor (they're not Real Americans™)

Ohhh the irony!  FuckPoorPeople.com takes you directly to the Americans for Prosperity website.  Think about what that means for a second: the powers that be at the AFP want to be sure that anyone that happens to type in FuckPoorPeople.com into their browser goes to their website.  Considering their conservative bent and relentless attacks on low wage earners, it is safe to assume they are not going for people like me who enjoy a good dose of irony.  No they're going for the true believers of the gospel of TeaBagging: Fuck Poor People.

One would be shocked if one were not so hardened to the cynicism of conservatism this century.

As a side note, the domain "fuckpoorpeople.com" is anonymously registered.  I wonder why?

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